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Namaste and Welcome to Yoga Studio Anat Zahor – Yoga Dharma school.

Yoga Class Levels:

  • The Beginners class is for those keen on acquiring the Iyengar Yoga system's essentials.
  • Continuing class is for students with at least a year of practice.
  • Advanced class suits practitioners with at least two years of experience.
  • All Levels class suits students of all levels.

Pranayama Classes:

At the last class of each month the advanced level students.

Meditation Sittings:

Every week, you are invited to an open house for group meditation sittings.

Those inexperienced in Vipassana Meditation will be given instructions personally.

Dharma talks:

At the end of the weekly meditation sitting, Anat leads a group that inquires into life matters through the Buddha's eyes aiming for insights and personal growth.

Teachers Training Course:

As part of our continuing education, a yoga teachers' course takes place at our studio. Anat Zahor is the director of the Yoga Dharma teachers' training course.

Private Lessons:

Individuals with special needs may receive private lessons in Yoga and Vipassana meditation.

New Students:

Every person in sound health may join the Yoga Studio classes upon previous arrangement.

Trial Lessons:

A trial lesson is recommended before the decision to join regular classes at our Yoga Studio.


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