Healing Silence – weekend retreat

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practice of Yoga Dharma and Mindfulness Meditation


Healing silence – Yoga & Meditation Silence Retreat

Weekend 28 – 30 May 2015 at  Desert Ashram with Anat Zahor


Join us for a journey to the secrets and magic of awakening through the practice of Yoga Dharma and Mindfulness Meditation in the beautiful surrounding of the Arava desert.

Through  Mindfulness we aim to experience and inquire the relation between body, mind and breath,  the way they influence and mirror one another,  and to open ourselves to our senses, feelings and mental movements, through all daily activities.

The Yoga Dharma practice is approached from the Iyengar yoga method and meditation sessions are guided with basic instructions in mindfulness meditation for the purpose of developing Vipassana – Insight Wisdom.

During the retreat we will keep silence for the quiescence and serenity of the mind, and for raising our sense of perception and sensitivity. We'll be close to mother earth, nurtured by the wind, the sun and the loving peaceful space, and eat healthy vegetarian organic food.

The Yoga practice will be approached from the Iyengar tradition and classic Hatha yoga.

The meditation sessions will be guided with basic instructions in Mindfulness meditation for the purpose of developing Vippasana insights, focusing on bringing meditation into our daily life – our actions, our feelings and our thoughts.

Samatha means calm. This technique of meditation is an effective way of training the mind to develop inner peace, strength and freedom from agitation. and turmoil, leading on to clarity and understanding of ourselves and the laws of nature.

By regular daily practice the chattering mind gradually becomes calmer and clear. We become less confused and we begin to understand the habits of the mind that hold us back from happiness and freedom. We become kinder to ourselves and those around us.

Vipassana meditation develops insights and understanding of the truth. It develops clear understanding and vision of reality as it is. Vipassana meditation is based on the Buddha's' teachings.

These skills you'll develop will hopefully become a regular addition to your approach to daily life.

The retreat is for both beginners and advanced yoga and meditation practitioners.

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