Yoga Dharma in Yoga Arava Festival – Nov 2016

Anat Zahor will conduct a 3 days Yoga Dharma retreat, Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation.
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Yoga Arava expirience



Yoga Dharma  in Yoga Arava Festival – Nov 2016

November 3-4-5 2016

Anat Zahor will conduct a 3 days Yoga Dharma retreat, Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation.

As we go out into the desert we cleanse ourselves, let go of our daily routines and go on an internal journey to the new attention, attention outwards and inwards. The desert calls to us with its simplicity, its rhythm, invites us to become one with it. So desert-like Dharma is calling us to be sensitive, responsive, sharp and more accurate. Practice of yoga based on the Iyengar method with Buddhist meditation practice develops sensitivity and intelligence, Yoga Dharma – the way of yoga, the truth of yoga. Content of the workshop: We will stay and flow through yoga poses and learn to relate to practice as an intimate and empowering experience. We will practice meditation in every body mode – sitting, standing, walking and lying down, eating, bathing and other daily activities. We will learn the principles of attention (Mindfulness – Sati) in yoga and meditation practice. Develop accuracy, attention, concentration and clear vision (Vipassana), conduct for three days from the unity of body and spirit. The workshop is suitable for practitioners with at least half a year yoga experience. No background and experience in meditation needed.

The retreat will take place in the Antelope Ranch,  on the 133 Kilometer milestone from Eilat, Between 'Zofar' to 'Sapphire Center',West of the road, a short drive will bring you into a surprising African safari with a natural refreshing water pool.

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