Yoga Dharma with Anat Zahor – Piedmont Yoga

Piedmont Yoga workshop with Anat Zahor
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Yoga Dharma with Anat Zahor – Piedmont Yoga


Yoga Dharma: Two Wings with Anat Zahor

Piedmont Yoga – Oakland, CA

Saturday April 27th 6:30-8:30pm a conversation with Anat Zahor suggest donation $10

Sunday April 28th12:30 – 4.30 pm Yoga Dharma workshop $75

Early bird discount before April 12th $65

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Anat Zahor comes to us from Tel Aviv, Israel, to offer us her gracious understanding of what she calls Yoga Dharma. Anat teaches Iyengar yoga through the eyes of the Buddha Dharma and the Taoist approach: alignment of body and mind, understanding the connections between mind and matter, and inquiry into patterns of breath and their affect on mind. Creating mindfulness in the postures and their actions, and mindfulness of mind and mind objects. “Yoga and Dharma are the two wings of the bird who wishes to fly.” Anat encourages the growth of intuitive understanding and insight through vigorous practice and creative sequences.

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