Hiking and Yoga with Kirsten and Anat – 2015

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Nature Retreat – Hiking Yoga and Meditation

Backpack with Kirsten Liske and Anat Zahor-  April 20-21-22

Journey into Pine Valley.

Trip is free. No charge for yoga and meditation, Dana accepted

Awesome Awareness Adventure Awaits.

Anat Zahor will be visiting our fair region in April to teach meditation and yoga
classes at Yoga Center Center Cruz and Yoga Within, Aptos.
We’re planning a trip to share our local wilderness with Anat and welcome you
to join us as we journey into Pine Valley.

The trip will be self supporting meaning each participant must take care of all of their own gear and food, although cooperative meals and rides will be coordinated. Some backpack coaching and gear may be available but in general the trip is designed for experienced campers.

The hike is moderate with just over 6 miles trailhead to camp with ~1,100’ elevation loss/gain each way. We’ll see dramatic views from lupin covered slopes, sandstone wind caves with grinding stones, waterfalls and lots of spring wildflowers. We’ll hike, meditate and asana along the way.

Optional stop after we hike out at Refuge Day Spa for a soak/steam/sauna on
the way home. Our backup plan for foul weather will be car camping on the
Big Sur coast and/or a day trip to Esalen for a massage if available.


If you have questions or would like to join the trip please contact: Kirsten Liske at 831-332-3619 or kirse@greengirl.org


Flyer: Backpack with Anat and Kirsten

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