Certified Yoga teacher, graduated from Anat Zahor's teachers' training course.

Raluca started practicing Yoga in 2003 and a year later has joined Yoga Studio – Yoga Daharma School, where she still practices today.

Over time – inspired by her teacher, Anat Zahor –  Raluca has been exposed to the freedom and creativity that are born within the strict and precise framework of Iyengar Yoga. This combination has captured her heart and imagination and she started exploring a path of investigation which begins each morning on the sticky mat, but goes way beyond.

Yoga and Meditation have become a central component of her world view  and a productive framework for self practice and development. As a teacher, Raluca tries to share the physical and mental joy of practice and to encourage an open and curious mind.

Besides teaching yoga, Raluca is an activist and campaigner for social change and also dedicated part of her time to writing.  Raluca has a degree in Philosophy and Political Science from Tel-Aviv University.

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