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Janu Shirshasana - Anat Zahor Yoga Dharma

Alignment of body and mind, stability, right understanding, precision, right effort, right observation, clear comprehension and concentration, awareness, mindfulness, wellness, and health this are the aims of our Yoga Dharma.


Yoga Studio – Yoga Dharma School in Tel Aviv, was established in 1999 by Anat Zahor, it is a center for yogic practices of both body and mind.

The Yoga classes taught at Yoga-Studio are based upon accuracy and understanding of the practice methodology of Iyengar Yoga as taught by the Yoga Dharma School.

At Yoga-Studio we also teach and practice, pranayama, prana vidya (knowledge of breath and energy patterns), Vipassana, and mindfulness meditations, we also give Dharma talks and Yoga Dharma Teachers Training Courses, advanced education classes, workshops, and retreats. We have maternity and therapeutic yoga classes, private mentoring classes, and children's yoga classes.

At our studio, all teachers teach according to the Iyengar Yoga method as taught in our Yoga Dharma school. All of our teachers are well-trained and are graduates of the Yoga Dharma teachers' training courses which are conducted by Anat Zahor. We also hold Children Yoga Dharma teacher's training courses.

To us, Yoga is a Way of life, a learning process, and a personal progression. Development of physical, emotional, and intellectual skills. A means to achieving a deeper understanding of our body, and consciousness and leading a better life.

The core of our students, who have been practicing with us for years is wide and well established, new students are welcome with love and warmth, to join us in our path towards personal evolution.


"Like unto an unbaked earthen pot thrown in the water, the body is soon decayed. Bake it hard in the Training to strengthen and purify the body". Gheraṇḍasaṁhitā घेरंडसंहिता 1,8




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